Babylon’s Legacy: Mile-a-Minute Murphy’s Bike


Babylon’s Legacy: Mile-a-Minute Murphy’s Bike


Babylon, Long Island is actively pursuing their cycling history by attempting to purchase Charles Minthorn Murphy’s bike from the Springfield Museums Association. This isn’t just any bike; it was the very bike that Mr. Murphy made national headlines on in 1899. As the photo above implies, Murphy drafted a train to break a distance of a mile in just under a minute. Ever since, Charles Murphy was best known as Mile-a-Minute Murphy. Check out more photos and the full-story below.


This is Murphy’s bike, now in the possession of the Springfield Museums Association where it’s been safely stored for the past 3 years. Clearly, this piece of Long Island history belongs in Long Island, not Massachusetts. Well, that’s what the town of Babylon is saying anyway. They’ve even offered the Springfield Museums Association a whopping $20,000 for the bike!


Here’s Mile-a-Minute murphy, riding plywood-covered train tracks.

I’m with the town on this one. It would be honorable if the the Springfield Museums Association. would return the bike back to its home. Surely they didn’t acquire the steed for more than $20,000? Either way, Murphy’s 1899 accomplishment is to date, the town of Babylon’s cycling legacy.

To read the full story on this tale, head over to You Are the Engine. I left out a lot of the story, including quotes from the man himself, so head over to check it out!

Thanks for the heads up Jeffers!