Apply Now: ATB Challenge Season 2 – Flèche it Out (Now Open For All Across the Globe)


Apply Now: ATB Challenge Season 2 – Flèche it Out (Now Open For All Across the Globe)

Last year the All Terrain Bicycle Challenge selected five challengers and unleashed them on a brutal 71-mile course in Vermont. For season two, the project is shifting from old school “maybe it goes” style ATB routes to randonneuring inspired distance and time. Applicants are challenged with creating their own ultimate route, and five lucky teams of three will attempt to complete their ride, documenting it along the way, for a chance to win cash and prizes from ENVE, Fat Tire, The Radavist, Acre, and Mythical State Of. We at The Radavist are stoked to be the media partner for this event, so read below, plan a route, apply, and follow along for more!


Welcome to Season 2 of the ATB Challenge: Fleche It Out. 

Apply now to be part of the World’s only ATB Reality TV Game Show. This year we’re looking for 5 teams of three to ride and document the ultimate ATB course of their own design. Push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limitations to win cash, wheels, beer and more. 

ATB Challenge is open to anyone and everyone. If you’re an experienced racer, Chill Rambler, Seasoned Randonneur, Subject Athlete, Merv, Old School Mountain Biker, Cardio Goth, Poseur, Endurance Cult Member, or Earthling, please apply now, because YOU’RE EXACTLY WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR.


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  1. Find two other people, including yourself, for a total of 3 CHALLENGERS.
  2. Design (or find) your ULTIMATE ATB COURSE based on the Official ATB Criteria👇👇
  3. Complete the application between now and OCTOBER 12th.  
  4. Get selected. 🤞🤞. Team Selection will be announced on OCTOBER 19th.



  1. Courses need to be a minimum of 150 MILES LONG.
  2. Courses need to be at least 50% DIRT; double track, fire roads, game trails, hike-a-bike, gravel roads, fall-lines, bushwacking, overlanding, etc.
  3. Known hiking and multisport miles (rafting, rappelling, running, peak bagging, etc.) miles are worth 5X; e.g. if you have to take your bike apart and strap it to a pack raft for seven miles that will count as 35 miles. Dabbing, pushing, dragging, carrying and hike-a-biking through steep/challenging sections does not count.
  4. Courses can be located ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES.
  5. Teams need to finish in EXACTLY 29 HOURS.
  6. Teams will be allowed to stop (in any one place) FOR NO LONGER THAN 2 HOURS AT A TIME.
  7. Courses can be located ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. *If you live outside the United States and win, some of the prizes will not be available to you because most of the laws and rules that govern this kind of exchange are made to serve capitalism and not the needs of individual people.
  9. Teams will DOCUMENT THIER CHALLENGE using their mobile phones and a media kit (GoPros w/batteries and media, Satellite Messenger) that we will provide.
  10. Teams will be required to STAY TOGETHER AND FINISH TOGETHER.
  11. Teams must be SELF-SUPPORTED.
  12. STASHING food, water and equipment both before and during the challenge will be allowed. **Leave No Trace** Pack it in, pack it out, let me begin. I came to win, battle me that’s a sin.
  13.  All five teams will compete at the same time on the same weekend. START: NOVEMBER 5TH AT 6:00AM EST / FINISH NOVEMBER 6TH 10:00AM EST.
  14. Teams will UPLOAD THEIR FOOTAGE by November 9th. Instructions will be provided.
  15. Need help planning, finding, designing a route? Confused about the rules? EMAIL ATB NOW AT HOTLINE@MYTHICALSTATEOF.COM.



  1. Season 2 of the ATB Challenge: Fleche It Out WILL AIR ONLINE DECEMBER 2022.
  2. A PANEL OF EXPERT ATB LUMINARIES AND LEGENDS will judge the show in real time.
  3. The winner will be determined by scoring across four different criteria: which team has pushed their PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL  limits the hardest?
  4. “Limits” and “hardest” are intentionally relative concepts because ATB (AND ENDURANCE CULTURE) CAN AND SHOULD BE AS INCLUSIVE AND ACCESSIBLE AS IS POSSIBLE.



  1. 3 sets of 1000 American dollars CASH, for a total of $3000.00
  2. 3 sets of ENVE WHEELS
  3. 3 sets of One Year’s Worth of NEW BELGIUM FAT TIRE ALE
  4. 3 sets of ACRE HAUSERS & TOROS
  6. 3 sets of a custom RADAVIST SWAG PACK.

*please note, due to the nature of some of these prizes, we will not be able to send the entire prize pack – like the Fat Tire beer – to you if you win and are not in the USA.


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