The Crust Florida Man: A Leo Rodgers Pro Model


The Crust Florida Man: A Leo Rodgers Pro Model

We love hosting and supporting the fruits of our good friends’ labor. Crust Bikes and Leo Rodgers have been working on a pro model for Leo, dubbed the “Florida Man.” This singlespeed frame can be built as a singlespeed freewheel, a coaster brake, or a straight-up fixed gear off-road machine. Check out all the details below, including how you can win one of these frames!

Danilo GoFundMe Giveaway

Our family friend, Danilo, broke his wrist in a skateboarding accident. He has two surgeries, a titanium plate and a few screws in his future. Apart from the physical pain that comes from this kind of accident he also has to deal with the mental and emotional burden of having to pay for these surgeries out of pocket. We all know how the US healthcare system (doesn’t) works, so lets help Danilo heal with some peace of mind.

If you can, please donate $15 to Danilo’s Gofundme, take a screenshot and send it to with subject: DANILO RAFFLE. This will be your entry to win the Florida Man frameset from Crust Bikes and Leo Rodgers, not yet available for sale for the general public. Oh and about that frame…

Florida Man Frame

Last July, we were fortunate enough to find ourselves in a position to be able to team up with our friends over at Ron’s Bikes/Ultradynamico to sponsor a rider and start our Factory PRO Recreation TEAM. From getting to hang with him through Team Brooks Cool Breeze, we knew Leo Rodgers was the perfect fit. Leo’s use of the bicycle as an inclusive tool to enable and inspire is something the cycling world could use a lot more of. At the Crust shop, we got to work with Leo straight away on designing a bike to fit his riding style and personality spot on. We are excited about the outcome and are happy to introduce Leo Rodgers’ signature frameset, the Florida Man!

The Florida Man’s roots can be very loosely traced back to the Bombora. If you have been following along with Leo, you have likely seen his stunner of a Bombora build that he rips around on. Using its platform as a jump off point, we went to town designing Leo a bike that is truly his own. What came out of the design process is a no-nonsense fixed gear frame that can take a big ol’ tire; a “country fixed” if you’re from Nutmeg Country. Great to skid around the city, or burn your legs up on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere. Its tri-color fade will have you feeling like you’re gazing out at a sunset over Tampa Bay every time you give it a glance. The artwork is a homage to Leo and his home state Florida and was designed by Cheech’s sister Patty (@whose.backyard on the gram).

The Florida Man features track dropouts and 130mm spacing out back and your standard 100mm spacing up front with quick release/bolt-on dropouts. The fork features our crown with braze-ons on the top of it and two braze-ons on the fork legs for mounting a bag support or maybe your Pec Dec. The Florida Man can be built up using a 650b or 700c wheel set. Your max tire clearances will be 27.5×2.4 or 29×2.1. It’s got a 68mm BB shell so you can use your Omnium track crank or whatever obscure NJS track crank you’ve been sitting on for the past 10 years. Max chainring size is 44t. It doesn’t have any cable guides, disc, or canti brake mounts to speak of, but you can run a side or center pull brake with ~70mm of reach up front with a 700c wheel.

If fixed isn’t your thing you could throw a 130mm spaced coaster brake wheel in the back and “klunk” your little heart out. You could also run an internally geared coaster brake hub. Hell, you could even throw a drum brake hub on the front if you really wanted to “klunk” it up. We are hoping to have these in by early-mid summer, but it’s hard to pinpoint delivery times at the moment.

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