An FJ60 Inspired Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 3.1

Rodeo Labs makes some of the most versatile drop bar bikes in the biz and their customers run the gamut of cyclists. Anytime I see one of their Trail Donkey 3.0 models in the wild, they’re always unique. From the kooky to the clean, Rodeo Labs owners take pride in their build kits and yes, even custom paint. One of their recent customers matched his paint and decals to his beloved FJ60, something I personally can understand…

Will, the owner of this bike, has an immaculate FJ60 in showroom condition. 4x4s in this state are not all that common, especially with their tendency to rust at the quarter panels. They might seem archaic in modern terms, with leaf springs, carburated engines, and the bare minimum inside the truck, there aren’t even cup holders! Yet they are a real pleasure to drive, even though they feel more like a tractor than a modern soccer-team toting SUV found at dealerships today. Some even had PTO winches, suspension seats, high roof packages, cable lockers, manual transmissions, and other “high-end” options. The beauty of the FJ60 is the Japanese styling, rugged, utilitarian packaging, and 1,000,000 mile engines that, as evident here, will last for decades, well past their carbon offset production timelines. With no ECU or electronics to fade with time, these dinosaurs still roam the backcountry today. Keep it simple, stupid!

Will looked to the classic notes from his 60 series and incorporated hints of influence into his Trail Donkey 3.1. Aside from the obvious color hits, his “Rodeo Labs” logo is inspired by the classic Land Cruiser typeface. The frame is covered in Cerakote, done in Denver by Flux Customs.

Built with Shimano GRX, Praxis, Easton, and Rodeo Labs wheels, this Trail Donkey might just outlive that 60 series. We can only hope anyway.

If you’d like a crazy custom Trail Donkey 3.1 or any other Rodeo Labs model, holler at Stephen and the team. They can build up just about anything!