Amsterdam Roubaix Paris


Amsterdam Roubaix Paris

This sounds like a crazy ride. Full press-release below.

A Fixed Gear Adventure Through the Hell of the North

From April 9th untill April 16th a group of “young” fixed gear riders will ride their bikes from Amsterdam to Paris and make a stop at the finish of the famous Paris – Roubaix race. During this 7 day trip, we’ll session street spots along the way, play some polo, cheer for the finishing racers in Roubaix, torture their bikes on the coblestones, taste the local culture (beer or wine) and try to have as much fun as possible!

In Roubaix we’ll meet a guy that rode the Paris – Roubaix course a day before on a fixed gear bike and in Paris we’ll play some polo with the locals.
A film and photo crew will follow us during our adventures to capture all the mayhem this group of enthousiastics will bring to the City of Love and all the little towns along the way! So you can experience a bit of all the fun we had!

Besides the fun part, we’re still looking for a bike related good cause to raise money for. So while we’re having fun, we can raise money to give other people some fun too.

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