All-City: Two-Six Proto


All-City: Two-Six Proto

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Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeff from All-City and when he asked me to test out his new Two-Six fixed freestyle bike the first thing I asked was “will it take 700c wheels?”. After laughing, he said no. He was trying to think of someone who would be able to test this bike and give him a good amount of feedback. Luckily, he’s buddy buddy with Fuzzy at Bike Revs in Philly and Fuzzy set him up with Drew Leshko. Drew’s a super solid guy and one of the original founders of the Sweathogs B.C. A few weeks later and Drew’s Two-Six is built up. What are my thoughts? The arbiter of the 700c wheel size? I think it looks good. Well proportioned for a size large 26″ bike. Would I ride it? Hell no.

Why? Because as Drew stated on Facebook: “The 5 mile ride home last night sucked tho. Feel the burn.”