All-City Introduces their A.C.E. Tubeset


All-City Introduces their A.C.E. Tubeset


What is A.C.E. tubing? In short, it’s Air-hardened, custom and extruded. The long explanation from All-City is below. Let’s just say this is part of a really fun project from Jeff and the team! Check it out…

Every once in a while an opportunity comes along to take the things you design up a notch, this is one of those times…

In our never ending quest to make the finest production steel bicycles, the chance to finally design our own custom tubeset represents a giant leap forward for our little brand and a logical next step in expanding our capabilities.

This is an opportunity that not many companies get, and the results of which we are incredibly proud. In a few short days we will unveil the first project that utilizes our A.C.E. tubeset, but for now, we’d just like to tell you a little bit about what it is.

A.C.E. is seamless, custom-extruded tubing that is heat treated and air hardened. This allows us to use the thinnest walls practical while maintaining strength and weight targets. Rather than accept the offerings from a tubing supplier, as is the case with our Reynolds and Columbus varieties, A.C.E. allows our engineers to go completely custom with the butting profiles and wall diameters. We are able to do this not only on the main tubes, but on the stays as well. That’s right, full frame heat treating and customization!

How custom? Well, for example, on that forthcoming bike we mentioned, we’re able to do things such as asymmetric butting on the downtube at the headtube junction. The custom asymmetric butting profile allows us to produce a tube that has increased wall thickness at the bottom, and reduced wall thickness at the top. The resulting downtube retains its strength while eliminating the need for external headtube gussets. This creates a frame that is both stronger, lighter, and better looking than could be accomplished via off the shelf options.
This level of customization opens up a whole new world of possibilities to tune the ride and feel of our line and makes our A.C.E. tubing bikes completely unique.

While we will be expanding the line of A.C.E. tubing bicycles over the years, it is not something that we plan to utilize for every model. In many cases the off-the-shelf tubing options meet our needs swimmingly, but when we really need to go deep on a project, you can expect to see the A.C.E. tubing badge.