All-City Cycles Log Lady Release Party


All-City Cycles Log Lady Release Party


What is a “Log Lady?” and where can you see one? Next Wednesday All-City organized a series of release parties. Check out the details below.

Hey there folks, next Wednesday is creeping up quick and with it comes the day you’ve all been waiting for (if indeed you have been waiting for this day), it’s time for the Log Lady to finally make her bow and show herself to the world. Rather than just launch the bike here in MPLS, we’ve partnered with a few of our dealers around the country so that more of you can take part in this whilrwind night of bicycle magic and romance.

Every city is going to have their own flair, so make sure you check in with the Facebook Event page for your town to see what’s going on. I hear Golden Saddle will be doing a ride, though I don’t know any details. You know how that goes though, they always pull off something fun.

It all starts at 8pm local time.

New York – King Kog – Facebook Event
Los Angeles – Golden Saddle Cyclery
Houston – West End Bikes – Facebook Event
Minneapolis – Nomad World Pub – Facebook Event

There will also be a small amount of limited edition stickers and patches for each event, so get there early.