Airwalk Fixed Gears


Airwalk Fixed Gears

Wow. These colors look familiar. Anyone else see resemblance to the Charge Scissor and Milwaukee Bruiser colors?

A reader sent me a link to the Chinese auction site Taoboa selling “Airwalk” fixed gears. She said the two colors available look a lot like the colors picked by Charge and Milwaukee for their bikes and I kinda agree.

Anyone have any more information on these?

Thanks Jenna!

Edit: Calvin from Fixie Pixie just informed me that these bikes are actually Airwalk Fixed Gears. You can read up more here!

Some shop in LA sent Airwalk the MKE geo sheets and asked AFG to make the exact bikes for their shop.

To that shop; I’ll say it right now: FUCK YOU. The amount of man hours that was put into the Bruiser is mind-numbing. We took a huge risk at trying something new, debated every centimeter and tested out multiple versions. To take our hard work and copy it, to make a profit is sleazy.

Support Milwaukee. They’ve been supporting this ‘freestyle’ stuff for years and will continue to support it. They use the best fabrication and the best materials to make you a bomb-proof bike!

I also want to clarify, I have no issue with Calvin from Fixie Pixie. He was just caught in the middle of this!