Affinity Cycles for RLX


Affinity Cycles for RLX


RLX is Ralph Lauren‘s sportswear line. Athletic wear that is clean and simple. Aesthetics in fashion mean everything and when the design team at RLX had the opportunity to approach a cycling company to build bikes for their showroom, they went to the same shop that supplied many of their own bicycles, Affinity Cycles. Shown here is one of two RLX Concept bikes, a Kissena track. Only for display purposes, this bike uses the pantones of the RLX clothing and speaks the same language as the RLX sportswear.

Below is the Affinity Low-Pro, dressed in olive, neon yellow and brown.


Thanks to the guys at Affinity and RLX for getting me the photos! Once the bikes are in the showroom, I’ll get some photos taken to post. More people on bikes!