Advocate Cycles: Hayduke IMBA Special Edition frame


Advocate Cycles: Hayduke IMBA Special Edition frame


The more companies we have backing IMBA and other organizations that work for trail stewardship, the better! Here’s the latest from Advocate Cycles:

“Advocate Cycles is the first bike brand to pledge 100% of after-tax profits to be donated to cycling advocacy efforts. To coincide with IMBA’s World Summit this week in Bentonville, AR, they have created a limited run of 30 frames from their Hayduke model, with custom art designed by Adam Turman that reflects a singletrack trail, and all the parts of the earth around it. These 30 frames will be sold through Advocate Cycle’s dealer and direct sales channels for $800. Each purchase will include a free 1-year membership to IMBA, with the entire purchase price going to IMBA’s Dig In Campaign.”