Aarn Works Design: Independent Fabrication IF Top


Aarn Works Design: Independent Fabrication IF Top


I showed you photos of the Independent Fabrication: Titanium Factory Lightweight earlier last week and made mention of the Aarn Works Design IF Top. While a small detail like a seatpost clamp might be overlooked on a bike like this, it definitely deserves its own post. Aarn Works Design is a small, intelligent design company run by Aaron in the Fringe, located in Somerville, Mass. A few months ago, Tyler from Indy Fab approached Aaron about a super-duper-awesome show bike they were working on.

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While this may look like a simple piece of hardware, real hours went into it. Even the simplest products have intense design processes. Aaron quickly worked on some concepts during a charette and within a few days had a design to show Indy Fab.


Shortly after, Aaron had a prototype. He and Tyler were ecstatic.


After some tweaks, the final product was ready for the Titanium Factory Lightweight bike! Now, this was a quick paraphrase of everything that went into the design. For the full scoop, including machining videos, you should really check out Aarn Works Design’s entry.

Solid job man! Next time I’m in Boston, we gotta get a beer!