A Plan with a Van: building trail with the Free Radicals

If you haven’t already been digitally or physically introduced to Mark and Will of the Free Radicals well now is your chance.

Cut to: You watching the video

Yes cinema, the magic of the motion picture, the simulacra of modern life. Sure this could all be smoke and mirrors but I met these two IRL I can tell you its not* that they give off the same “truly good human” vibe that carry in this video.

I am not the only one who has been bowled over by this good vibe wave,  my local trail boss – a highly esteemed curmudgeon and renowned hater – has also seen into their souls and has welcomed them into our tight knit cohort of riders and this say’s so much.

They’re good people doing good things. Taking action, doing work, paying it forward. So thanks Free Rads and thank you to all those other builders, advocates and riders named or not putting who are putting in the work telling the tale of our trails.

*I suppose I could be part of the simulacrum as well, World on a Wire anyone? But if that’s the case its very likely you are too so then does it really even matter?