A Night I Barely Remember in SF


A Night I Barely Remember in SF

Photos by JSN M

I don’t remember much of this night. It was mere hours after the RideNStyle event and I was beat from shooting photos all day. I met up with some friends, who then moved a car onto the sidewalk and later, Colby, Newman and my boy Zach went to Delirium. When the bar got douchey we went back onto the sidewalk where I drank a fifth of Makers.

Around that time is when JSN and Dylan said they were going to the park, so I followed. I was pretty wasted and supposedly, I pissed all over Crihs’ bike. Hey, it’s a Sweathogs thing. But I didn’t just do it once, I did it 3 times.

So I guess this is where Crihs gets really pissed and begins to plan his revenge. And yes, when he avenges his bike, I’ll post about that too.