A Look at the Ultralight Tribulus Limited Endover Handlebar Bag


A Look at the Ultralight Tribulus Limited Endover Handlebar Bag

We’re here in Santa Fe this week, overwhelming our olfactory system, riding bikes, eating plenty of food, and visiting bike shops. Yesterday I swung by to see our new friends at Broken Spoke, where I came across this unique handlebar bag called the Endover. Made by Tribulus Limited, this ultralight bag utilizes a series of cinch straps to carry your bikepacking load in a very unique manner.

Most bags this big would require a rack and while one might not be a bad idea if you’re a heavy packer, it is not necessary thanks to the unique triangulation of the since straps and the integrated molle-system. With two cinched pockets on either side and sliding support straps on the handlebars, closing the massive blackhole-like main cavity, the Tribulus Limited Endover offers a 22+ liter space for cramming in all your bike touring or bikepacking needs.

These bags are made in Santa Fe, come in two sizes – the large shown here and a mini bag – and right now have a two-week lead time through the end of June. They’re available in a number of colors as well.

Now the Endover has a few specifications you should note if you’re thinking about ordering one:

Load limit
-10 Lbs Trail
-15 Lbs Pavement

Approx Dimensions
13.5”(Width) x 7”(Depth) x 24”(Height)
Volume 22+ Liters
Weight: 16-17oz (depending on fabric choice) Black or Slate X21 are lightest while Dark Green X42 is heaviest.

If you’ve got any other questions, head over to Tribulus Limited! Thanks to Broken Spoke for letting me hang out yesterday and shoot their space. We’ll take a look at their shop in detail later this week. What do you think of this Surly Bridge Club build?