A Look at the New Fairdale 1×10 Commuter


A Look at the New Fairdale 1×10 Commuter


I’ve gotten numerous emails over the years from readers, requesting any information on a simple 1×10 commuter. Hell, I even did an Ask Prolly on that very subject. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, yesterday I got to check out one of the new bikes in the forthcoming Fairdale line. Taj really wanted to make a simple 1×10 commuter with disk brakes that didn’t look like the typical commuter bikes he had seen. Built with mostly SRAM and even some Odyssey parts, this stealthy and cool commuter should be hitting the shelves in 2012.

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I think this looks like a fun ride. The guys are still working out cable routing options and build specs but overall, I think it’s a great looking bike. There’s even talks of a PiNP x Fairdale collaboration in the works. Until then, what do you guys think?

Thanks to the OTX guys and Fairdale for letting me check out their facilities yesterday!