A Look at the Bikeraft Guide


A Look at the Bikeraft Guide

Bikerafting is when you incorporate a bike onto a packraft like an Alpacka Raft. While navigating rivers and other bodies of water shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt and if you don’t have whitewater experience, you should seek out proper training before embarking on a packraft or bikerafting trip. Once you’ve done that, buy this book for inspiration. The Bikeraft Guide is a 325 page book, packed with stories, instructional how-tos, illustrations, and more. It was compiled by Lizzy and Doom of Four Corners Guides and is a great companion for those bikeraft curious. Let’s take a quick look below…

As you can imagine, Bikerafting strings together many outdoor activities from bicycle touring, bikepacking, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, and more. The Bikeraft Guide has lots of beautiful illustrations, inspired by this unique form of travel.

Loading a bicycle on a small raft like an Alpacka can seem daunting but the Bikeraft Guide walks you through the process, step-by-step while using examples of trips dating back to the 1980s from all over the world. If bikerafting Alaska is your dream, then this book is for you, or if you want to bikeraft the Dirty Devil, they’ve covered that as well.

As stated earlier, rafting requires special skills and the ability to read the water. Both of which are best learned in an instructional environment. Navigating Class II rapids might not seem that daunting but it’s easy to drown in unfamiliar water. Getting proper training is of the utmost importance.

The bikerafting community came together for this book and it’s full of all the inspiration you need to plan your next trip. The Bikeraft Guide is available at select retailers. Find out more at the Bikeraft Guide.

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