A Hail Mary for Rivendell


A Hail Mary for Rivendell

Rivendell needs our help

“We’ve always provided special gear and encouraged any kind of riding that doesn’t require training, conquering nature, or beating others. We’ve designed and made good gear that enables a personal approach, as opposed to a sports-approach, to riding your bike. Going on 24 years.

We’re struggling now, though. Not with design, sourcing, marketing, but with cash flow. That’s always been the monkey on our back, but now it’s more like King Kong.

Bad planning and over-optimism—both my fault—and some unfortunate timing that was out of our control, have created a threat we might not be able to ride out unless we chuck up a Hail Mary that works, so here it is.

We hope two-thirds of you will buy a $10 credit—for $10—to be used whenever you want. And there’s a bonus: A new printed frame and bike catalog will be at the printer by the end of March (it’s too late to pull out now). We’ll print one for every $10 credit sold, plus 250 extras, and we’ll send it with the first order you place after April. Of course we’ll put it online too, so the information will be available to you regardless, but it seems right to offer a paper catalog option for our analog bikes.

Will you, before Monday, buy a $10 credit toward a future purchase and a paper catalog? Just add the “Catalog Cashflow Special” to your cart. You’ll receive a code you can use immediately. Onward ho?

-Grant, on behalf of me, Robert, Jenny, Spencer, Mark, Dave, Will, Roman, Corey, Harry, Mary, Vince, and Rich.”

If you are able to and would like to assist Rivendell, do so at their web store.