A Girl and Her Bike: Ericka and Her Leader


A Girl and Her Bike: Ericka and Her Leader


There were a lotta ladies who ride in Austin. All of which had outrageous personalities and awesome outlooks on life. One of those ladies is Ericka. She can heckle with the best of them and has a mouth as sassy as her bike. I met Ericka one night at Dirty Bills after the ladies-only ride. She’s part of the Fast Folks family and should be approached with caution! (just kidding).

Check out more photos of her on her purple Leader below.


Who says you can’t be steezy with a brake?


Purple and green.


White Phil Wood and white spokes to Velocity Deep V’s on a purple Leader frame. Outrageous!


Ericka shows the world how she rolls in Austin. Beer in hand! Thanks Ericka! See you again soon!