A Detailed Look at the Fairdale Pannier Skaterack


A Detailed Look at the Fairdale Pannier Skaterack


I feel like since I posted about the Fairdale Pannier Skaterack a while back, it’s been everywhere. From skate blogs to streetwear feeds, it made quite the splash. Why it took so long for someone to figure out the link between bikes and skateboards is a mystery to me but when Taj sat down to design this unique rack accessory, he did a great job.

Yesterday at the Fairdale facilities here in Austin, I got to take a detailed look at the Pannier Skaterack.

Check out more below!


The rack really is just like a pannier. You simple slide it over your rear rack.


And strap the board in place.


A piece of rubber-coated, bent steel snakes its way around the trucks, supporting just about any board.


It hangs off the rear of the bike like so and is out of the heel strike zone.


Pretty rad huh? Later on today, I’ll show you a new addition to the Fairdale commuter line so check back!