A Desert Coyote Dark Moon All Road with a Fox AX Fork

Last Sunday brought about the LA Handmade Bike Show and in attendance was LA’s newest frame builder, Carlos from Dark Moon Fab. Along with a hardtail similar to Jimmy’s, and a few road bikes was this all-road featuring the Fox AX “all road” fork. The aluminum frame’s geometry is tuned to run the AX fork, which will offer more compliance when the going gets rough and eat up some of the stiffness aluminum tubesets provide. Stiffness that might be desirable on a road or track racing machine, but might beat you up a bit on rough and rugged roads.

The paint is in actuality cerakote, a ceramic coating that goes on much like paint, but offers a more durable finish than a matte, flat, or semi-gloss wetpaint. Carlos masked off a desert landscape as well as Dark Moon’s branding in the material, making for one slick bike.

Have you ridden the AX fork? What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments!


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