A Day in 10 Photos: 09.13.2010


A Day in 10 Photos: 09.13.2010


Chari & Co knows what NYC needs. No transportation reform, no MTA taxes and fare hikes, just more bikes! Trekking over the bridge to run some errands proved to be rather eventful today and I was back home in no time to miss a big thunderstorm.

Check out nine more photos below!


You gotta love the guys riding new-age hippie bikes, yelling at pedestrians and instructing people how to ride. While they wear flip-flops…


Obstructions to bike lanes mean evasive maneuvers. Learning to curb-hop was one of the best tricks I ever learned. A livery cab almost plowed into the back of me. When I say almost, I mean I swear I heard his bumper hit my fender. When I hopped off the bike, I turned to snap a cab doing close to the same thing.


It’s almost fall and it’s still fashion week. That means “models” are out in the streets.


I swung through Chari & Co to pick up something special and snapped a photo of Jahoon working on a wheel build.


Marking the Norse territory.


These guys deliver your lunch on their electric bikes when you’re feeling lazy.


Stretching perspectives.


Grime’s own 700c soldier’s ride! Sup Wrahw?


On my way home, I swung through BMW to check out what’s in the works for 2011 and beyond. What’s this? Is that a new Gangsta track? Nah, it can’t be. Or can it? Stay tuned tomorrow for more news on this front!

As always, peep the Flickr for more photos from today!