A Day in 10 Photos: 08.29.2011 PDX to SF – Day 08


A Day in 10 Photos: 08.29.2011 PDX to SF – Day 08


Yesterday was the suck. The definition of the suck. The suck in concentrate. Unfiltered, organic, free range suck. After pulling a 120 mile day on Sunday, I did another 100 yesterday. Unlike Sunday’s route, Monday was all about the rolling hills. Not even an extra strong dose of Heart coffee could make that feel ok.

Check out nine more photos below!


Rolling through the hills of northern Cali in the early morning sunlight was a perfect way to warm up the legs.


It was damn beautiful.


But as a cyclist, you know that where there are hills, there are climbs.


And you can’t exactly roll up and down on a 100 pound bike.


The climbs were horrible and even though none of them broke the 300′ mark, they kept coming, one after the other. It sucked. The formula was repeated all day: 200′ climb, fast descent, winding turns to switch back, 200′ climb and so on.


I was in pain so when the end of the day came, all I could think about was a cold beer.


As the sun was setting, I found myself hauling ass to get a night’s sleep.


But not before I shot a quick photo of my STTB button. Today I ride to SF. I’ll be rolling into town around 5pm or so. It all depends on what the elevation looks like.


And this one was from Sunday but I was a photo short today!

Here’s the route:

What’d I learn?

-Shoot less photos, ride more.
-Tailwinds rock!
-Protein, protein, protein. I need to eat more protein. My legs are beat!