A Day in 10 Photos 07.18.2010


A Day in 10 Photos 07.18.2010

Last Sunday was the final day in the Summer Fix LA schedule of events. We were all beat, sunburnt and ready to relax. Some of us were more ready to relax than others…

Check out nine more photos below!

Chrome brought the food and grill.

Volume’s fixed team brought the bro-down.

PBR supplied the beanbag toss and beer. Yes, there’s two of them. Like the Ying Yang twins.

Mr. Tracko showed up with the racers from the Chubby Boobs Summer Games 2010.

Here’s Hern’s winning Cinelli Mash. Dude crushed the hills that day.

Take Over LA and take your soul!

Slaylor was all kindsa beat up. No, that’s not ketchup on his hand.

Still, for some reason, kids were willing to ride. Here’s Joe hitting a wall off the three.

… and Short Round pushing his Yo Mang! in the grass after falling. Sunday was the perfect day and the perfect way to end an epic weekend. Many thanks again to the Summer Fix crew!