A Day in 10 Photos 07.16.2010


A Day in 10 Photos 07.16.2010

It’s been a few days since the last A Day in 10 Photos entry. Now that I’m back in NYC, I’ll be updating daily with photos from my trip to LA for the LA Brakeless Summer Fix. Friday, unlike Thursday, was spent on the bike most of the day. A small crew of riders met at LA Brakeless and we all rode Venice beach. That’s where Wonka’s barspin took place (remember?). At any rate, seeing a real life internet meme was pretty funny.

Check out some more photos below!

Every time I ride in a city and there’s a group meet up at a certain time, you end up waiting around for hours. Luckily, when the meet-up’s at a bike shop, there are tons of things to keep you preoccupied.

LA Brakeless is full of bike porn. More on this later…

After a lot of waiting around, we all headed southwest to Venice beach.

Wonka, once again going at it.

Michael Chacon was there on his Leader.

Doing what he does.

Meet Joe. He’s really good and before this weekend, I had never heard of him. Supposedly he does well at competitions (he won the beginner class at the Summer Fix Freestyle Comp) and from spending a few days with him, he’s got a good amount of variation to his riding.

But like all riders, Joe still falls once and a while.

Unfortunately, this time he chipped his tooth. I watched his face smack the sidewalk and the piece actually fall out of his mouth. Sucks! Later on that night, my camera was at home recovering from all the action it saw. After riding we headed to the welcome to LA party; the opening night for Summer Fix.

The next day was the big freestyle comp. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more A Day in 10 Photos coverage of the LA Brakeless Summer Fix event.