A Day in 10 Photos: 04.20.2010


A Day in 10 Photos: 04.20.2010

On 4.20, you don’t always need weed to get high right?

High bunny hops on 700c wheels are the new pegs, 26″ wheels and grinds. After getting a little stir-crazy here in NYC, I decided to mix it up a bit and drive to Philly to spend the day with Tom and Cahill. Tom has been hopping shit like a mad man recently. The day before his OOPM interview, he and I chatted for a while about the current state of fixed freestyle. It damn well inspired me enough to drive down and catch him on this euphoric wave he’s experiencing.

If you think that photos nuts, check the rest out!

This spot is in Fish Town. Tom was blasting wallrides on it relentlessly. He was trying to clear to the tranny on the other side, but kept coming up just a tad short. I shot some sequences but this one just popped!

Next up, this big 3-set. Here’s a bar hop off the second step and he eventually hit it twice from the top. I was shooting video along with Cahill for a new Philly edit, so I can’t post it up yet. Sorry!

Who’s Cahill you ask? He doesn’t like you.

If there was anything that summed up the day it was fucking flat tires. Tom must have gotten 6 flats the whole time I was there. Finally we tried the cut and tie method which, believe it or not, actually works! Just make sure your valve stem isn’t broken!

My allergies have been giving me hell for the past two weeks and my Advil Cold & Sinus makes me feel a bit light headed at times but that didn’t stop me from trying to get a bit high on 4.20. I cleared the gap to the grass. Thanks for the capture Tom!

As I mentioned, when you do the cut and tie method, make sure your valve isn’t leaking as well. Tom didn’t have a tube on him, so we had to walk down to this shady-ass spot in Philly. Somehow they had 29’r tires and for some reason, Tom only bought one. He flatted a few more times that day and tried everything to get his bike rolling again. 26″ tubes and multiple patches didn’t help!

From there we headed back in the center city area where we met up with a few locals. Soap, Ronnie, Jesse and the rest of the Water St. Sessions crew were there. Someone else rolled up too…

Live Fast!

Die Old

Tony Fast!

Thanks to the Philly heads for hanging out and sorry the stay was so short. There will be something special up tomorrow from today’s ride. You don’t wanna miss it!