A Day in 10 Photos 04.01.2012

People always ask me why I don’t do A Day in 10 Photos posts that often anymore. My answer is simple: with the new blog format and gallery, it’s a lot easier for me to dump 40+ photos into a set and call it a day. ADi10P was an easy way for me to link to 10 important photos and then post more on Flickr but now, I have been putting them all in big photosets. Case in point are the “Randomness” posts I’ve been making recently. But today’s activities merited a return to “the” 10. And to be honest, this was only a few hours out of my day.

It’s summer already in Austin and with all the rain we’ve been having, the rivers, swimming holes and beaches are flooded. Both with water and people. Today, I took Murph from PDW and Billy down to the Greenbelt for some people watching and straight relaxing. Check out nine more photos below.

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