68 x 109 ISO Taper Sealed BB


68 x 109 ISO Taper Sealed BB

I meant to post this the other day when Milwaukee posted it to their blog. For one reason or another, it slipped my mind. What reminded me to do so was a recent email I got from a reader. He was complaining about riding a loose-ball Sugino BB in the Mid-Western Winter and was wondering whether or not to go with a Campy Veloce or the like since there isn’t a inexpensive sealed ISO Taper BB.

Well, now there is. It’s an inexpensive (read: not “cheap”) 68 x 109 ISO Taper Sealed BB. How inexpensive? $35. Not bad. Up until this point there were only higher-end options and a lot of people decided to run $20 JIS taper BBs on their Sugino 75’s, modifying the taper of the cranks forever!

Milwaukee has been working on this for some time now. Hell, I think they originally conceived of the idea when were were all still running Sugino 75’s and snapping bottom-bracket spindles (see previously links).

Shows you how long it takes to develop new products!

More information at the Bens Cycle blog.

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