5 Questions with Rebecca Rusch


5 Questions with Rebecca Rusch

Velocio recently sat down with Rebecca Rusch, the pro cyclist turned bicycle adventurer about her life, her career, and her aspirations in a 5-question format interview.

You’re an icon in the culture of riding and you have a committed following. How does the bike community inform your life and what are your goals for contributing to it in the future?

The bike community has become my tribe and provided more gifts in my life than I can list here. Through the bike, I’ve found the tool to fuel my curiosity, my wanderlust, my motivation, to form human connections and build a meaningful career. The bike is an iconic tool for exploration that is understood and embraced worldwide. I found my husband through the bike, my family, myself and my purpose.

There are some gems in there, so be sure to check it out at Velocio!