36t Profile Racing Splined Sprocket Installed


36t Profile Racing Splined Sprocket Installed

I finally got around to taking photos of my Bruiser with the new Profile Fixed ( @profileracing ) 36t Splined Sprocket installed. One of the reasons some people may have taken a disliking to it could be because they were viewing it as an object without context and not installed on a bike. Even with the raw-polished finish, it may still look cheap to some. But that’s the finish, not the sprocket itself. This thing is straight off the cnc bed and man, it’s really well detailed.

Check out some more photos and a further write-up on it below.

Personally, I really like it but I also really liked my Tree Lite Splined Sprocket; I never had an issue with it. I think Profile and Tree’s relationship has been a good one and I don’t anticipate that changing. Remember, Profile initially made their NoBoss cranks to go with Tree’s Lite sprocket and Tree made their 48-splined sprockets to go with the Profile-developed bottom bracket spindles.

Bottom line is this; support your US-made bike components. It’s not easy to compete with the overseas markets when it comes to components. Profile has done a lot to support the fixed scene and Tree continues to produce beautifully-machined sprockets that allowed us to ride fixed BMX drive-trains without hassles!

Here’s the sprocket, slammed against a small spacer with a euro BB. Installed with the 5 1/4″ fixed spindle, it gives a pretty great chainline.

Hopefully these photos help show the sprocket in a new light, rather than against a white background. They’ll be anodizing them soon as well, so check the Profile Fixed site for updates.

Small note: thanks to Nick at Charge for hooking up a Buckett saddle. Really digging it! Thanks Nick!

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