2022 NAHBS Is Canceled


2022 NAHBS Is Canceled

Well, the rumors are true. For another year, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is once again postponed with the official word coming from the NAHBS Facebook.

From Don Walker:

“It pains me beyond words to have to say this, but due to the unexpectedly low number of commitments to attend from exhibitors, we are forced to reschedule this year’s show. While this lack of support is disappointing, we understand that exponentially rising costs, travel uncertainties, supply chain challenges and pandemic fears may have contributed to these business decisions. Whatever the reasons, we cannot escape the conclusion that this year it is commercially impossible to present the kind of show that you are used to and have come to expect from us.

We waited as long we reasonably could before making this difficult call in hopes that more exhibitors would decide to attend. Because that has not happened and due to our own financial commitments to the venue, we have no other choice but to reschedule. We plan to return to Denver in 2023 with a show designed for our rapidly changing industry.

If you are among the exhibitors that committed to attend this year’s show, you have my deep appreciation and gratitude.”

I wanted to ask you, the readership of The Radavist, a question: does the NAHBS format still remain relevant? Do you enjoy big, fat galleries of custom, handmade bikes? Or have shows like the Philly Bike Expo and the various “Open House” formats rendered NAHBS redundant?

Personally, I like NAHBS. I like seeing builders and bikes galore but feel like a few things could change to modernize the tradeshow. Anyway, I am always curious as to what your perception on this show is. What are your thoughts?

… and if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out our NAHBS archives below!