Far Quarter Gravel: Gravel Rides Around Trinidad, Colorado


Far Quarter Gravel: Gravel Rides Around Trinidad, Colorado

Two years ago Backshop Bikes introduced one of the first gravel cycling tourism efforts in Trinidad, Colorado. The perception was that gravel had already matured to the point where as a category it would evolve towards a destination model akin to mountain biking. If it worked, then suddenly rural drive-by towns had a chance to leverage gravel bikes towards social prosperity. This is why we created the Explore Las Animas campaign in 2019, which included a website with community and route information. Unfortunately, it came down and I’ve been brainstorming on ways to get one back up since…

Far Quarter Gravel is that new site. It’s designed to keep the conversation going, while also introducing and inspiring new cyclists to check out the southeastern Colorado and northeast New Mexico scene. Stephen Beneski (@beneskidesign) continues to provide awesome art illustrations. The art has helped generate a healthy conversation around bikes in Trinidad, Colorado.

2021 is shaping up to be a watershed year for Trinidad. It’s been relatively insulated from outside attention for a long time. However things are changing very quickly. Bicycles are now part of a conversation around the community’s future in a very positive way. In less than three years it’s put itself on a path towards becoming a gravel bike destination. Pretty crazy. Fortunately for us. The Radavist has been helping tell our story since the beginning. Thanks John.

We hope you enjoy researching, planning, and making a visit to Trinidad in the near future. Backshop Bikes has some cool things in the works for the summer. A new Trinidad-Las Animas County Gravel Adventure Field Guide book we’ve designed is coming out. There are three (capped participation) adventure rides supported by OtterBox planned for June, August, and September to consider joining. August’s ride will be a full moon ride. Art prints available now. A pop-up event space is in the works too for June to September. More details coming soon.

If you’re cruising through don’t hesitate to reach out for advice or with questions.