Stridsland: 94 bcd Narrow Wide Chainrings


Stridsland: 94 bcd Narrow Wide Chainrings

Matias Stridsland is really into old 26″ bikes, so much so that he’s developing a line of products to keep these bikes and their period correct parts on the roads and trails.

Dropping today are these chainrings for 94 bcd 5-bolt cranks, in 36, 38, and 40 tooth count and five colors. There’s also a Ti top cap, chainring bolt sets, self-extracting crank bolts, and “Ride Slow, Die Whenever” stickers in today’s drop.

Follow along on Stridsland’s Instagram if you love old bikes like this, and keep an eye out for the zitted-up Barnacle fork and aptly-named Anchor bar later this year.