Renee Hutchens on the Land for RockShox


Renee Hutchens on the Land for RockShox

Photo by Eric Arce

There’s been a lot of discussions on what “land” means here on this website and today our friend Renee Hutchens shared her thoughts at the RockShox website. The article is a great read and I encourage everyone to give it a read.

“Kinship, or K’é reflects a deep relationship with each other spanning generations upon generations. This is the seed of our resilience. The fact that I am here today speaks to this — it means my family, like every Indigenous family, did whatever they could to survive hundreds of years of violence, forced removal, forced assimilation, genocide, destruction of our cultures, identities, our land, and natural resources. Despite all of this they ensured my existence today. But the violence of colonial thinking never ended. We live in a country that continues to render us invisible. Indigenous erasure is our modern form of racism that continues to inflict trauma on top of historical trauma. Therefore, I’m drawn to go to a place where I am seen and heard, where I can heal, re(connect) with my identity, culture, and traditions.

This place is on the land.”

Read this exceptional piece at RockShox