Shipping Updates!


Shipping Updates!

Since our Summer Drop last week, we’ve been busy getting your order out to you. It’s been overwhelming in a good way! There are a few notes to make while we continue to pack and ship your orders. First, we’re not Amazon. We’re trying to offer the best shipping prices – direct from USPS – at no upcharge. We cover the shipping cost, materials and that’s it. There are also just two of us working to fulfill the orders, which includes maintaining the site every day. So if it takes us a few days to respond to your order emails, that’s why. Thanks for being patient. Read on below for a few notes…

Next up, in order to keep shipping internationally, we need everyone to be honest when checking out. The “stickers and patches” shipping price option is for ONLY stickers and patches. These ship in a non-trackable USPS First Class Mail envelope. So if you order stickers and patches, we can’t track them, but it keeps you from paying $10 to ship a patch. Due to a quirk in Shopify’s system, it allows you to select that shipping option if you order other items with stickers or patches. Please, do not select the “stickers and patches” option if you order ANYTHING else. We had to eat over $1000 in shipping fees this round. If you try to sneak one past, we’ll just cancel your order and refund you. Please be honest. This is a very small operation here and we’d like everyone to be honest. If the problem continues, we’ll just stop shipping internationally. Don’t ruin it for everyone.

Last of all, we’re finally getting some of our bottles restocked. Due to the pandemic, our suppliers have been closed, so our products were back-ordered. We’ve got Nalegenes in stock again, as well as the Big Deserted bottles. We were going to wait and drop them all at once but we honestly had no idea when they’d be here. Apologies if you’ve ordered already and want one of these as well but we can’t go back and combine orders at this point.

Thanks so much for understanding. Your support keeps the lights on over here and keeps all the authors, photographers, and contributors getting paid! When we ship your order, you’ll receive an update. Right now, we haven’t shipped any international orders due to the shipping charge snafu. We’re getting to those today.