We’re Re-Launching the Readers’ Rides Series


We’re Re-Launching the Readers’ Rides Series

Since we’re mostly stuck indoors these days, what better time to re-launch our Reader’s Rides series? Longtime readers will remember this feature, which we first launched in 2010. Read on below to see the conditions and how to get your bike up on these pages.

The procedure is simple. Place your bike against a wall, or prop it up with something and shoot a level, flat elevation profile. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use an expensive camera.

Try to show a few details that make your bike interesting.

Details matter! What makes your bike unique.

When you’re done, send us an email to ReadersRides@theradavist.com, complete with a component break down and pertinent information associated with your build. This is an equal opportunity campaign. Let’s see your grocery getters, tourers, klunkers, whatever! Show us what you like to roll around on. If you would like to be in the drive side photo too, that’s totally cool with us!

Justin’s Reader’s Rides piece is a good example of what we’re looking for!