Our Web Store is Back Online


Our Web Store is Back Online

We’ve officially relocated to Santa Fe, after living in Los Angeles for five years, so as you might imagine, it took a while to unload and unpack. Our new office fell through due to Covid 19, so for the time being, we’re operating out of our home, trying to cram it all into our house. Right now, it’s just Cari and I holding everything down, but we finally got the webshop product unloaded and organized so we opened its virtual doors late last night.

If you have emailed us in the past 20 days, or somehow purchased something before we closed it up, we’re sorry about the delay in response. As you might imagine, our hands were full, having to expedite our relocation three weeks earlier than anticipated. We’re packing orders and answering emails ASAP. There is also a bit of bad news, our Spring apparel launch is delayed, with shirts, socks, jerseys, and other products sitting in Covid 19 limbo. We’re not sure when we’ll be able to add new stock. We do however have two products we’ll add to the shop this week, so stay tuned.

To help us sell through stock, there’s an extension sale on all apparel. Use code “ClearOut” at checkout to get 65% off all apparel. This sale will help us keep our contributors getting paid for their contributions during these trying times. If you don’t have money, no worries! Your presence here on the site and in the comments section keeps the stoke alive.

As always, we cannot thank you enough for all of your support over the years. Thank you!

– John and Cari