Industry 9’s New Carbon Mountain Lineup is 100% Made in North America


Industry 9’s New Carbon Mountain Lineup is 100% Made in North America

From NC to BC, cutting edge carbon technology meets the groundbreaking Industry Nine Hydra hub and aluminum spoke chassis. Introducing the largest i9 carbon mountain wheel offering to date, available now.  The collection includes the Ultralite 280, Trail 280, Enduro 315, Grade 315 and Enduro 355. The new carbon rims are built on a partnership with Canadian carbon manufacturer, We Are One Composites and are hand laid in Kamloops, BC. 

With a complete lineup of ten new carbon mountain bike wheelsets, the new collection provides high-performance options across all disciplines of riding, from XC to Downhill. We Are One represents an ideal partner thanks to their unrivaled quality and reputation in carbon manufacturing as well as logistical advantages from manufacturing in North America. The collaboration allows for quicker and more efficient delivery, a shorter prototyping phase, increased ordering flexibility, and avoids tariff uncertainty surrounding manufacturing abroad. 

Riders have the full assortment of 11 anodized color options as well as fitment options for all modern mountain bike specs. The wheels will be offered in either 24 or 32 spoke counts depending on the application of the wheel. Every wheelset is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.  The new era of Industry Nine carbon mountain wheels starts at $2,250 and is available now. For more information visit

Highlights and improvements from previous generation i9 carbon:

-Improved radial compliance due to the combination of a shallower rim depth and optimized layup schedule
-A thicker bead wall to reduce the risk of pinch flats or impact damage
-Engineered, manufactured and assembled entirely in North America, save bearings.
-The rims are i9 specific layups, molds and specification laid up in conjunction with We Are One (different from the current WR1 product offerings)

We got our hands on a set of En315 wheels a few weeks ago. Monique already took 3rd place at 24HOP in the duo category so you can say things are going well. Expect a full-fledged review in the future!

There’s only one way to sum up the enduro collection – category-defying. A gladiator crossed with a gymnast, these true all- mountain wheelsets are at home in any stage of your most demanding rides. Whether railing through a switchback or hucking to a blind landing, EN315 + EN355 always keeps pace. Available in both our 24h and 32h chassis, the i9 enduro options combine agility and brawn to face every challenge in any arena of battle you find on the mountain.