ONZA Ressurects the Porcupine Mountain Bike Tire


ONZA Ressurects the Porcupine Mountain Bike Tire

Having sworn by the newly-launched ONZA lineup over the years, using them on my bikepacking, and MTB bikes, I’d like to say I’m a fan of their tires, so the recent announcement of the classic Porcupine model returning, my hands are clamoring for a set. The Porcupine fills a void left by their current line, filling the 2.6″ tire space, left by the Canis 2.85″, Aquila 2.4″, and Ibex 2.4″ models. 2.6″ really is the sweet spot for a 27.5″ and 29er trail bike. They spin up to speed faster than the 2.85″ while offering more volume than their 2.4″ kin.

The Porcupine comes in a variety of sizes, is designed for loose to wet terrain, and comes in two compounds, light or medium. Check out more information at ONZA.