ENVE Announces a Lifetime Incident and 5-Year Limited Warranty


ENVE Announces a Lifetime Incident and 5-Year Limited Warranty

Perhaps you wanted a set of the G-Series wheels but were squeamish about spending a lot of money on a carbon wheelset?

Carbon fiber wheel warranties have come a long, long way. ENVE recently stepped up to the plate with a new, very impressive coverage plan. Offering a Lifetime Incident coverage package. This new warranty replaces a rim no matter what happens to it. As long as you’re the original owner. Say you break an ENVE rim and they replace it, what happens to that replacement rim? Is it warrantied? Yes! ENVE has always covered “rock strike” failure under their 5-Year Limited Warranty, now it’s just extended to the life of that rim.

Under the new Lifetime Incident, that rim will be covered for life. Even if your wheel breaks while shipping your bike, or you run over your bike with your car, or you hit a moose, anything is covered under their new Lifetime Incident warranty. There’s now second-hand coverage as well. If you break a used rim, that you bought second-hand, you’re now entitled to 30% off a new rim. Then, that replacement rim will be covered for life.

The new 5-Year Limited Warranty covers any manufacturing defects, so you can now confidently invest in carbon fiber, made in the USA rims.  Head to ENVE to read all about it.