SOLD OUT: Nature is Metal 26oz Purist Bottles


SOLD OUT: Nature is Metal 26oz Purist Bottles

Sorry these are sold out!

In my old Latin class, one saying always resonated with me; nunquam aliud natura aliud sapientia dicit, or “never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.” There’s not much available online as to where this saying originated from or who was the first to scribe it, yet there is something to be said about the use of nunquam, versus numquam.

In the internet age, a lot of information that lived in textbooks never made its way to the WWW. This saying, its roots, and the reason for the nunquam over numquam is a perfect example. A few years back, I had a photocopy from an old text book with the saying highlighted, and got it tattooed on my arm. Yet now, that very paper is long gone and with it, my record of its origins.

This is a very limited run of bottles, due to the nature of the design. It’s a point of departure from our usual style and that’s what makes it so unique.

Buy two large (26oz) bottles in white, with black caps for $25.00 plus shipping. Let them get scratched and messed up, because with the white material and the subject matter of the print, it’ll just look better with age.

Our normally friendly jackal gets revenge on the farmer for intruding in its domain. Nature is metal… and pissed.