Chater Lea Returns with Made in UK Components and the Grand Tour Pedal May 13, 2019

Those who dabbled in vintage bikes and components, the name Chater Lea will ring a bell. Their cottered cranks and other components were always in demand, including their “Sprint” pedals. At Bespoked UK earlier this month, Chater Lea revealed its first new product from the recently relaunched brand, the Grand Tour Pedal. These are made from high corrosion-resistant, marine-grade 316 and hardened 17-4PH stainless steel, giving the pedals an aesthetic more akin to a high-end watch, rather than a bicycle pedal. They will be available for purchase via Chater Lea’s website in the next five to six weeks at a price of £250. These pedals come with a lifetime original owner warranty. Check out more at Chater Lea and see more photos below.