Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz: the Mountain Biking Impact Review Apr 5, 2019

As cyclists, do we impact the environment? Should this cause pause while we’re riding damp or blown out trails?

“Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) is proud to introduce the Mountain Biking Impact Review, which is the product of a year of comprehensive research by MBOSC’s Science Committee.

This Mountain Biking Impact Review poses questions that we believe are the most frequently asked concerning the social and environmental impacts of mountain biking and trail construction. The answers to these questions were created based on a comprehensive literature search on the relationships of trails and recreational trail users (specifically mountain bikes, but also other user groups) and natural resources within the following topics: Hydrology & Geology, Plants & Wildlife, and Social Issues. The questions provide constructive discussion topics as we work together to advocate for improved trail access.”

Head to MBOSC for the full report.