Wohobike’s Shovelfender Offers a Solution to Two Bicycle Touring Problems Mar 27, 2019

Back country and primitive camping often requires you to dig a cat hole to bury your human waste but who carries a legit trowel for that while on tour? I’ve seen a number of ultralight shovels used primarily for backpacking but the Wohobike Shovelfender is the first solution specifically for bicycle touring and bikepacking. This unique tool is made from 5052 aluminum alloy and can be used as a front or rear fender and even as an attachment to a bottle boss. With a stout, sturdy handle, dig your 6″ cat hole with ease and then snap it back on your bike. See more at Wohobike.

As for your toilet paper or wipes, please observe the Leave No Trace Principles and pack it out. Do not bury it or leave it on the ground.