NAHBS 2019: Santa Cruz 650b and 700c Reserve Wheels for All Road Bikes Mar 15, 2019

When it comes to carbon MTB wheels, Santa Cruz’s Reserve line is quite the deal. With modern rim profiles, minimal branding, and a lifetime warranty, they’re hard to pass up. All they needed to do was offer their rims in dropbar, or all-road friendly shapes. At NAHBS 2019 they did just that, now offering 700c and 650b Reserve Rims, with the same warranty as their MTB rims, all for a retail of $599 a hoop. See more features below.

Key Features:
700c x 22mm; 650b x 25mm
Built with Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes
Optimized for ride feel and compliance on rough surfaces
Available with DT Swiss 350 or Industry 9 Torch Road hubs
700c rim features a slight bead hook to reduce burping at low pressures
650b rim is hookless
Lifetime warranty
$599 a rim.

See more information at Santa Cruz.