Greg’s Dark Moon SSCX: A Veritable Do It All Bike

Like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes of his old Niner ‘cross bike, Greg‘s new Dark Moon is a veritable do it all and do it all damn good bike. While he loved his RLT 9, there were a few things he didn’t like about it. Enough to have Greg ping Carlos at Dark Moon here in Los Angeles to make something extra special. He loves SSCX, both at the races and around town. He had his Niner set up as a SSCX and races it all season. He wanted the bike to have tight clearances, with tighter angles to offer a responsive and snappy feel.

Even though he wanted a new SSCX race bike, he made sure there were provisions and guides for a rear derailleur and 27.5 “road plus” wheels in case he ever wanted to take the bike on an ultralight tour or bikepacking trip.

As for the frame itself, you might think this bike is titanium, due in part to the oversized tubing, and “braggers triangle” chain and seat stays. This frame is, however, aluminum. The finishing is cerakote, offering a consistent matte finish that will be more resistant to chips and scratches than matte paint. The oversize tubing spec offers a stiff and snappy feel, coupled with an ISP, offering a rocketship-like ride. All the parts from this bike came from Greg’s Niner, including the fork, which was painted to match.

The result is a light bike, with a bit of versatility built in for the long haul.

If you’d like a Dark Moon Fab frameset, holler at Carlos on his Instagram. He builds road, track, all-road, touring, and mountain bike frames right here in Los Angeles.


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