Virtuous Cycles’ 1×10 Interviews Feb 5, 2019

Virtuous Cycles is a new website that interviews various personalities of the industry with a 10 question format. These are called 1×10 Interviews and if you’d like more insight into the brands and people that are a part of this whole community, you should check it out. Their latest interview is with yours truly, so head on over and read that while you’re at it!

  • Patrick M

    Great article and read John! I have been a cyclist for 15 years now and also suffered from body issues as well as alcoholism. I reached out to my friends, co-workers in the cycling community and finally got my life back on track. Cycling truly was a life-saver for me and now I can finally enjoy those views clear headed. Looking forward to start racing all the Cross, Gravel, Crit and Road Races that goes on in the Midwest. 2 years booze free, 30lbs lighter and never looking back!

    • Nice Patrick! Good to hear. Body issues are no joke and so many people have them, yet won’t address their importance to one’s confidence and self worth. It took me quitting drinking to feel more comfortable in my body… running and yoga have helped immensely as well. Glad to hear you’re doing well!

      • Patrick M

        Thanks bud! I just tried a yoga class last week. It was more challenging than anticipated, but I felt great after!

  • Jared Jerome

    I like the interview format on that site. Read you and Kyle’s interviews. 10/10.

    • Me too! It’s an easy read and visually not overwhelming. John’s doing something cool and unique.

    • Thanks! Glad you’re digging it! Many more to come thanks to the wonderfully nice and awesome people who’ve been so open to do interviews!

  • AJ Tendick

    Your take on things has kept me coming back since the FGFS Prolly days (bring back a viking stick for old times sake!) and this interview continues to deliver for me. Keep on keeping it you John, I dig it.

  • Superpilot

    Dear John, I feel you bro. I’m not gonna say what, but this past year has been my worst ever. Like, you don’t even want to know kinda bad.

    But your site has kept me inspired the whole time. I’ve needed the stoke and dreams here to get me started some days, or to see there’s a way forward. I guess for some that could be over emotional, but its not like I’m emotionally tied to the site or the people on it. But the emotions they show, and the tales they tell, they prove to inspire.

    I hear you on the issues you discuss, and you can tell sometimes you feel some commentary personally. In this day and age, as you allude to, it’s hyper criticism constantly. Sometimes I gotta just let those comments go without response, they are a reflection of the criticizer, rather than the recipient. Easier said than done.

    Would hate to think you post in fear, wondering if you are gonna take heat. Hopefully you post fearlessly embracing that you have a clear understanding of what you wanna do and say.

    Perfectionism is a dark mistress, and some people just wanna bring the rain every day to drag others down to how they feel about themselves.

    Cycling and cyclists (particularly the faster ones) have this self deprecating culture that affect those of us that are a bit sensitive about certain issues more than others. The little jibes about weight etc, the digs we take at ourselves, all in the name of fun and done with a smile, they actually do damage, really. I’m the best person I know at making out like I’m the worst. Not the kinda race you wanna win.

    But, the stories here reflect that the pace, or weight, or budget, or steeziness, or any other comparative doesn’t have to matter. It’s embracing the individuality that seems to matter most.

    It’s not how or what we pedal, its who we’re with and that we keep pedaling that matters.

    • Hey man. Keep it up and keep that head up! xoxo

      • Superpilot

        Thanks so much. You too!