Time’s Speciale 8 Pedal is More Affordable Feb 20, 2019

I’m a huge fan of Time’s Speciale 12 pedals with their metal design, refined profile, and bear-trap like engagement but the pricing – at almost $350 – was out of range for a lot of people. Time has the answer, with their new Speciale 8 Enduro pedal. It has a smaller profile and isn’t as refined looking at the 12, but at $125, who can complain?

Colors: Black, Blue, Orange
Body material: Aluminum
Spindle material: Hollow steel
Weight: 392g / pair
Dimensions: Length – 90mm, Width – 64mm, Thickness – 21mm
Price: $125 (€150)
Availability: Late February

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11 responses to “Time’s Speciale 8 Pedal is More Affordable”

  1. Ryan says:

    Yes please! And in orange no less!

  2. Michael Shearer says:

    That’s bonkers!! Want! I have loved TIME pedals since I first started riding clipless and broke my shimano pedals in 1998!

  3. Tim Guarente says:

    I definitely have a Time bias, and these put a cool pedal setup within reach. Awesome.

  4. Dean Taylor says:

    Damn! I’ve been on Time since my Onza HOs died! These look great.

  5. Hope Cyclery says:

    This is awesome, I’ve been plagued by dead MX style pedals the last few years, but still have ATAC DHs that have lasted over 15 years, If these are as robust as those, I think time is back! Now, what to do with 4 destroyed MX sets?

  6. Crmsnghst says:

    This post is perfect! All of the freaky deaky Time users will come out of the woodwork in the comments section and we’ll be able to mark them as the weirdos that you are. Do a post on Crank Bros. next and we can all REALLY start making fun of the people that deserve our ridicule! (Note: This post is to be taken as comedy, but Shimano pedals are clearly the real winner here. Hahaha)

    • John Watson says:

      Are they though? I enjoy watching ‘cross athletes crash because they can’t dismount when their Shimano pedals are caked with mud. Options man. People like options.

      • Crmsnghst says:

        Oh I know! Common it’s all bologna anyways. Are Shimano pedals any better than any other? No, but they are ubiquitous and generally cheap. Can I bring my shoes with me to any shop that rents bikes and be sure they have a manky pair of 747’s I can borrow? Of Course! Do Speedplay pedals feel like you are standing on an ice cube and having the engagement mechanism on the shoe cause even more problems than they solve? YES! Im just enjoying being a surly, opinionated bike blog enthusiast with too much coffee running through my veins.

          • Crmsnghst says:

            I think Im gonna plant my flag on something more unique next time though to really rile the youths. “Ive been running my pair of Onza pedals for the last 20 years and have a stockpile of elastomers at the ready in case of apocalypse. Try to convince me Im wrong!”

  7. Raoul Morley says:

    Couldn’t resist and just went with the Speciale’s might have some of these for the other bike…