Shredding Fatbikes Feb 2, 2019

The shredding doesn’t stop at Highland Mountainbike Park in the winter, it just gets more epic.

  • M.R.

    Fatbikes are so much damn fun. Bikes are so much damn fun. Bikes Bikes Bikes!

  • This looks so rad!!!

    • That park is regarded as one of the best for hucking. It looks awesome! I wanted to go there when I was at NAHBS last year.

      • Gregory Ralich

        Riding distance from our place in NH!

      • Plan a trip to the New England!! There’s SUPER good riding here.

  • dc

    Back when i was young, children, we would ski all winter. But, now, there’s not enough snow for my antique sticks. Im just glad you have your fatbikes to have fun with in the snoice hills.