Pre-Order the Fabio’s Fanny Pack


Pre-Order the Fabio’s Fanny Pack

A bar bag that turns into a fanny pack or vice versa. The Fabio’s Fanny Pack is a bag for sharp shooters. A photo bag that allows for easy access and can expand to carry even more! This pack is on pre-order now, with an April 2nd delivery from Swift Industries over at Ultra Romance’s Web Shop!

Here are the details from Benedict:

“The latest sack of the Fab’s dynasty. ::. designed around the unique rigors of an instagram photog who NEEDS the fastest hand on the internet tooo “get that ‘gram” etc. one handed operation to get your camera or banana out while keeping your other hand firmly on the handlebar. you don’t need 3 hands to do this… you just need magnets. bag will stay open via reinforced sides so that you can get your camera/banana/vape back IN faster than if you’d never taken anything out in the first place. the magnetic hook closure has 2 settings to be sure you catch one of em on at least your 2nd try.

-belt tucks into the side for handlebar mount, loop secures to headtube
-expandable with other swift side pocket ad ons (great for spare lenses)
-front zipper pocket
-internal zipper divider with elastic camera battery or film canister holders
-almost waterproof, but water resistant enough. just don’t drop it in the toilet.
-D rings for not included shoulder strap
-hugely adjustable hip belt”

Check out the promo video below!